About Placement Cell


Placement Cell of Narsingdi Polytechnic Institute (NPI) is established on 07/03/2012 and it is started with the aim of imparting quality technical education to all. Technical education is a very important contributing element to both social mobility and economic development. Technological progress in the last few decades in communication, transportation and information has helped to eliminate national barriers and create a global market place. Education, especially technical education is the most important in providing skilled and well trained human resource to the global world. The need for skills has increased dramatically in recent years owing to radical changes in technology all over the world. With a view to supplying skilled and well educated human resources Placement Cell was founded in 2012 at Narsingdi Polytechnic Institute(NPI). The Placement Cell searches Job market, arrange seminars and manage Job for the successfully Diploma in Engineering course completed students. The Cell also ensure skills and make students fit for their future career.. Many students are well established in the different sectors by completing their academic courses from this Cell of Narsingdi Polytechnic Institute (NPI).

Eng. Md. Forhad Hossain Chowdhury


Narsingdi Polytechnic Institute


Procedure of Placement Cell

There is an experienced ‘Placement Cell’ at NPI. Procedure of our placement cell are

Students list with their details information.

Update this information regularly.

Communicate with industry.

Analyzing the job market.

Settle up the students as skilled worker as per job market.

Arrange the Placement Fair.

Published a job Placement brochure .

Find out the foreign job market.


Mohammad Kawsar Ahmmed
Instructor (Non-Tech) Mathematics


Job Placement  Officer

Narsingdi Polytechnic Institute